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Hi, I’m Jim. I am a front-end web developer and creative coder in Omaha, NE.

Previously, I worked as a graphic designer and a college-level graphic design instructor.

I have a passion for creative & efficient problem-solving. I’m eager to build on my professional coding experience by taking on new challenges. Let’s work together!

Professional Code Examples

I collaborated with other developers to build the websites listed below while working at Plumb Web Strategy ( see my LinkedIn profile for full employment history ).

My responsibility was to create custom Wordpress blocks to handle content types not easily supported by standard blocks. Coded in PHP, and uses Advanced Custom Fields. Coding conducted under the close supervision of a senior developer.

Tenaska Renewable Energy


Ankura InterXeptor


Personal Code Examples

Below are a few of my creative coding projects. These required significant self-guided research, experimentation and determination.

There’s like, math and stuff :-)

While these projects will work on a phone, they look best on tablets or larger screens.

Pierre – Animated Bezier Curves
generative art image of concentric geometric lines

Live Demo jim-wolf-i-am.github.io/pierre/

View the code on Github: Pierre repository

Pierre ( named after Pierre BeziĆ©r ) is my most ambitious project to date. It probably needs its own instruction / cheat sheet, but for now, I suggest you click on / interact with every element in the UI panel ( and in the lower right corner ) to get a sense of what Pierre can do. Even the points that make up the bezier curves are interactive! Try moving them around.

Twirly Thing
generative art image of concentric geometric lines

Live Demo jim-wolf-i-am.github.io/spiro-4-hsl-2/

View the code on Github: Twirly Thing repository

This project started with a simple question: Can I make a web-based Spirograph? The answer ( back when I started coding ) was “No. No you can not.” But I did come up with this, and I think it’s quite beautiful. Oh, the math equations that make it work are based on the Spirograph, so, there’s that minor victory.

Much like Pierre, to get the most out of this interactive art program, click on / interact with every UI element.

Training, Education & Skills

Technical Skills

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)

Animation & interactivity ( CSS + JS )


Email platforms:

— Emma, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, Mailchimp


Javascript ( ES5 +6 )


PHP + Wordpress

Adobe Creative Cloud:

Acrobat Pro






BFA, Graphic Design

Eastern Michigan University

magna cum laude

Hobbies & Dabbling

Generative art

Music + sound production

More About Me

Graphic Design Portfolio


My previous careers were in graphic design, which helps me build websites. I know how to think like and talk to designers.

LinkedIn Profile


Please visit my LinkedIn profile for my full employment history.


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